Geopolitics & Empire Podcast Reviews

Killing Joke

Love the Killing Joke reference today during your interview with David Hughes & very much enjoyed that interview, thanks! And hearing you mention KJ creates some cultural cred 😎

– In Apple Podcasts by agaze89 from USA on May 23, 2024

Excellent job!

One of the best podcast, thanks so much.

– In Apple Podcasts by theworldissick from Netherlands on May 16, 2024

A great podcast overall

Good interviewer, good audio production, interesting guests, in depth content, time well spent

– In Apple Podcasts by MkeY234Z62 from USA on May 5, 2024

Best Podcast on Apple

I enjoy your podcast because you have some guests I agree with and others I don’t but it’s good to see who is controlled opposite when I hear a guest use the blame game at China or Russia it shows their true colors I quit listening to Breitbart same mantra China Russia .


– In Apple Podcasts by Envor Hoxca from USA on May 1, 2024

What a great show

Great host, great guests what more is there!


– In Apple Podcasts by MT-33 from Turks & Caicos Islands on March 27, 2024

Great show

Keep up the good work!

– In Apple Podcasts by DJ_Pistol_Pete from USA on March 21, 2024

Great podcast and great interview with David Stockman

I try to never miss an episode of this awesome and informative podcast!

– In Apple Podcasts by Derek Sheriff from USA on February 26, 2024

High level analysis

A superbly researched podcast, excellent host , fascinating and learned interviewees and indeed a breath of fresh air in the otherwise largely censored geopolitical information arena. Thank you.

– In Apple Podcasts by FullFatInfo from UK on January 3, 2024

Top Notch

Always top notch
Guests may not always agree, but this is a platform not to form opinions for you, but one where you can form your own.
Truly a singular podcast!

– In Apple Podcasts by Elegant hobo from Canada on November 7, 2023

Thoughtful Curiosity

Hrvoje shows great depth of knowledge about a wide variety of cultural topics, and his candid but civil debate with guests is refreshing and informative. This show helps to manifest Ellul’s assertion that “propaganda ceases where simple dialogue begins”.

– In Apple Podcasts by subtlecain from USA on October 14, 2023

Great podcast!

Excellent interviews and information! Thank you

– In Apple Podcasts by janef. from USA on October 5, 2023

Great podcast!

Highly informative and an eclectic guest list, discussing what most media don’t discuss. Highly recommended!

– In Apple Podcasts by BwanaK from Japan on September 4, 2023

Just found you

Great podcast. I’m going to go back and listen to many episodes. Keep up the great work

– In Apple Podcasts by blind visionary from USA on August 31, 2023

Always Listen

My understanding of what’s going on in the world has increased tuning into Hrvoje’s interviews with a variety of intelligent persons from around the world.
Hrvoje’s interview style gives his guests the opportunity to freely expand on their ideas or area of expertise. I also tune into TNT radio, especially Hrvoje’s interviews with Terry Wolfe! There’s a lot to take in out there but listening to Geopolitics and Empire TNT gives me a good slice of truth and connection to other pilgrims in the journey.

– In Apple Podcasts by Made tender from USA on August 28, 2023

Best Podcast on Apple

There is all ways a good show to listen very educational it wakes you up.

– In Apple Podcasts by Envor Hoxca from USA on August 19, 2023

Intellectual class

Simply an amazing podcast with superb guests. Intelligent and rational, insightful and powerful.

– In Apple Podcasts by Andy Zephyr from UK on July 27, 2023

Very well-informed interviewer!

I was recently interviewed by Hrvoje and it was a pleasure. Hrvoje was super well informed and obviously understands how the world works. Thank you for the productive interview!

– In Apple Podcasts by Riggs Eckelberry from USA on July 27, 2023

Great podcast

The information and guests are amazing in lightning and informative. Keep up the great work.

– In Apple Podcasts by Hackerphoto from UK on June 24, 2023

Brave and informative

Very good quality of some experts in their field, whom I discovered thanks to this podcast. Brave, honest and deeply informative

– In Apple Podcasts by Bukishhh from Switzerland on May 20, 2023

Great and refreshing

Love it keep it going. Thanks for your hard work!

– In Apple Podcasts by the great fight from Sweden on May 8, 2023

Best informed historian podcast

We learn from history – you are much more educated than other podcasts and being much more light to todays issues – thank you for all that you contribute!

– In Apple Podcasts by LuckyLucy88 from USA on April 30, 2023

No se rindan!

Excelente programa! Con contenido necesario para poder estar al día de lo que realmente pasa en el mundo, muy recomendable!

– In Apple Podcasts by IG Trading from Mexico on April 2, 2023

Geopolitics and Empire and Hrvoje Moric- a must!

Brilliant, wide in scope, insightful and measured!

– In Apple Podcasts by Hello world676667 from Australia on March 6, 2023

Never miss an episode!

In a overcrowded field G&E stands out as an intelligent source.

– In Apple Podcasts by brac67 from Croatia on March 6, 2023

Top 3 geopolitical podcasts in the world

Hrvoje Morić and his Geopolitics and empire are one of the top 3 podcasts in the field of geopolitics and economy i am following.
Themes, guest choice and easiness on how Hrvoje is providing a vast range of information and guests is for me one of the most important reasons for following Geopolitics and empire.
Onwards and upwards Hrvoje, samo naprijed !

– In Apple Podcasts by frgich from Croatia on March 6, 2023

Geopolitics and Empire

Excellent podcast interesting interviewing. In-depth analysis you won’t get from MainSt media. This podcast. Will get big. You will discover the independent journalist who have really studied history. People from all over the world who know what’s going on.

– In Apple Podcasts by qhonjjhgabskojenbrjr if from USA on March 4, 2023

Politics & Empire

Hrvoje Moric is a rare interviewer. He chooses informed commentators of varying professions, knowledge bases and opinions and -unlike so many others- he is not compelled to insert his own opinions if that will interfere with allowing his guest to fully articulate their position.

In these days of rating inflation, he truly deserves the 5 stars.

– In Apple Podcasts by markwilliam0556 from USA on March 1, 2023


I really appreciate hearing a range of opinions that goes beyond the media narrative.

– In Apple Podcasts by naira-n from Canada on January 1, 2023

Outsider perspectives

You don’t have to agree with every guest on this pod. Not even the host does. But there is no better source I know for challenging mainstream narratives from all sides, both on big picture and granular topics—sometimes convincingly, sometimes less so.

– In Apple Podcasts by nxavis from USA on December 28, 2022


This is the perfect choice for anyone interested in learning more about international relations! Each episode is informative and enjoyable.

– In Apple Podcasts by Andieo1997 from USA on December 20, 2022

Excellent job !

Thanks for making this kind of podcast!!

– In Apple Podcasts by theworldissick from Netherlands on December 19, 2022

Truly Free and Independent

Tired of predictable, partisan content? Want to hear distinct, interesting perspectives not found on traditional media? Scroll through the library and you’ll find an impressive breadth of topics discussed from many ideological viewpoints. Even better, the host, Hrvoje actually lets his guests speak. Best of all, though, G&E is a bastion of free speech and critical thinking.

– In Apple Podcasts by Lee Slusher from USA on December 9, 2022

Brush Up On Your Geopolitics Here

This is my go to for getting worldwide information in this day and age of media manipulation. Highly recommended.

– In Apple Podcasts by freerangepaul from Great Britain on October 29, 2022

Great Podcast!

Im listening to GE for about 2 years now. I love the variety of topics especially the ones that are censored. It is really important these days for people who see through the globalist agenda to be aware and make others aware of what were facing. Thank you for the great work youre doing!

– In Apple Podcasts by Toni1312RW from Austria on October 27, 2022

A Rose By Any Other Name

Found you because I was looking up Jessica Rose interviews, anyone smart enough to have her on must be a fantastic show and I can not wait to “chew” through your list!

– In Apple Podcasts by cariboujaguar from USA on September 20, 2022

Great Interviews

Really great interviewer actually listens and engages guest

– In Apple Podcasts by van heflin1 from USA on September 19, 2022

Geopolitics is the Place for Great Knowledge

This podcast has been my go-to from since before the COVID 1984 Plandemic, but it has kept me up to dat with real time info from the great thinkers of the 21st century! Subscribe NOW!

– In Apple Podcasts by Alx Nvrmnd from Singapore on September 10, 2022

Truth to Power

Important forum for some of the strongest voices speaking truth to power.

– In Apple Podcasts by Bob J2 from USA on August 13, 2022

Awesome Podcast and Content

Thought provoking questions for subject matter experts in their respective fields. Always walk away from each episode more informed and in a better mood, knowing I’m not alone!! H must be a brother from another mother.

– In Apple Podcasts by Cdnatp from Canada on July 18, 2022

My Favorite Mental Floss

The best podcast for todays issues and includes Christian bent- thank you !

– In Apple Podcasts by Kammypop from USA on July 11, 2022

High Quality Discussion

Great podcast filled to the brim with quality discussion. The host is objective and has high quality guests with academic credentials. The discussion is always lively and the host is always in search of the truth, no matter who it offends. This is for free thinkers who want to expand their horizons on what geopolitics is and the truth about what is happening in our world.

– In Apple Podcasts by Guacamole123 from USA on June 6, 2022

Insights You Will Not Find Anywhere Else

I haven‘t missed a podcast in two years. Geopolitics & Empire is a unique and invaluable resource for people who want to think for themselves rather than consume mainstream media narratives. The host is doing a great job and there is a great variety of guests with different perspectives which helps to connect the dots. Thanks for the great work from Germany!

– In Apple Podcasts by Dan Maverick from Germany on June 6, 2022

Consistently Wise Thoughts

I’ve been listening to Geopolitics and Empire here and there for a couple of years, but more recently have realized it’s become one of my favorites—particularly in the focus on the apparent goals of globalist technocrats, and how it may be thwarted.

– In Apple Podcasts by Jonathan Lockwood from USA on June 4, 2022

Five Stars!

Great interviews. Balanced analysis.

– In Apple Podcasts by Will Edmiston from USA on June 4, 2022

Best in Class

This is one of the most interesting and informative podcasts available on geopolitics. The topics covered are important and all sides of any subject are heard. Great Job.

– In Apple Podcasts by caatsman from Canada on June 1, 2022

Diverse Opinions and Valuable Information

While I don’t agree with everything every guest says, the majority offer a lot of valuable information regarding the power structure and their agenda. When it comes to such complex and obscure agendas and operations, there’s going to be differing views. Geopolitics & Empire does a great job of avoiding propagandists while offering opposing views.

– In Apple Podcasts by bvrrfv hyvbbb from USA on May 22, 2022

I Have Evolved

I was one of those fans who would immediately get triggered if you interviewed anyone who bought into the cv1984 narrative. I get it now. I see that you are, in a sense, collecting pieces of the puzzle in order to form (or glimpse) the greater picture. We have to remember that we aren’t participating in cancel culture, therefore we mustn’t act like we are. Love your show! ❤️

– In Apple Podcasts by OC California from USA on April 29, 2022

Smart, Seasoned Independent Thinkers

“[Hrvoje] is to be commended!! He does a fantastic job. Realism only. No fantasy here. A fantastic selection of smart, seasoned, worldly, virtuous intellectuals who speak truth and common sense. Very refreshing.,and WONDERFUL TO HEAR OTHERS STATE THE OBVIOUS. Javier interviews and explorers, examines and tries to explain the bizarre and often savage government, corporate, and civil behavior that we are presently living through. It’s wonderful to hear common sense. Unless you’re brain-dead, brainwashed, and serving this sick agenda – you WILL LOVE this podcast! D”

– In Apple Podcasts by Mastro197 from USA on April 28, 2022

Informative, Brave and Trustworthy

Thank you! Keep it up. I learn so much and also feel my instincts are on target with the times. Wonderful guest and host!

– In Apple Podcasts by apanda76 from USA on April 25, 2022

Great Podcast

Great podcast on military matters.

– In Apple Podcasts by edmac1453 from USA on March 27, 2022

Finally, All the Pieces in One Easy to Understand Spot

This show is awesome, and very informative. It’s easy to understand and has a ton of view points making it well rounded.

– In Apple Podcasts by AJMD0207 from USA on March 26, 2022

Outstanding Podcast

Love this podcast. Important, current and incisive.

– In Apple Podcasts by Alex vz from Great Britain on March 12, 2022

One of the Best Independent News

This show is one of the best sources for understanding the political landscape as it shifts. Especially in this time of censorship and disinformation. Recommended to anyone who is able and willing to look past the state approved media we receive in the west.

– In Apple Podcasts by Kaleo183 from USA on March 3, 2022

Nothing Better

The most upfront, in depth and wide scope analysis of deep politics. Nothing even comes close. Have been listening since 2018. The range of guests are fantastic and while I don’t agree with them all, (and some I vehemently disagree with) there’s always a pearl of wisdom that I take with me.

– In Apple Podcasts by JXTI from Australia on February 21, 2022

Think Globally

I can work on things in my life and immediate territory, but the global political picture is the context in which it all happens. Hrvoje gets the most out of his guests who come from every political perspective and various parts of our world. One of my top 3 must listen podcasts.

– In Apple Podcasts by Ed’s car page from USA on February 19, 2022

Best In Class

It is very hard to top this podcast for breadth of topics, research, guests and new ideas in geopolitics. The host is smart and balanced and his show was very early on the insights into what was really going on behind the pandemic story.

– In Apple Podcasts by Sonivango from Canada on February 7, 2022

The Best Podcast!

“Favorite podcast right now, he interviews a variety of different guest from different backgrounds & perspectives. Thoroughly enjoy it!”

– In Apple Podcasts by soblessedbytwo from USA on February 5, 2022

Great Insight

“I love this podcast.”

– In Apple Podcasts by johannesliem from USA on January 27, 2022


“Great in depth analysis of current directions we are being pushed towards. Thanks and well done.”

– In Apple Podcasts by Mad Muoi from Australia on January 25, 2022

Great thought provoking interviews and conversations!! Thank you!!

– In Apple Podcasts by OriginalDude from USA on January 24, 2022

Calm mannered and detailed interviews with guests who are in the know about the new centralized planning and its affect on us citizens

– In Apple Podcasts by Darawoo from USA on January 13, 2022

One of my favorite podcasts. Interesting, intelligent guests, varied topics. The host adds a lot to the discussion, but leaves room for the guests to get their point of view across. Worthwhile!

– In Apple Podcasts by FlyingInnMom from USA on December 2, 2021

Knowledgeable guests providing informed insight on the things that are happening in the world that you really need to know about.

– In Apple Podcasts by AppAlligator from Great Britain on November 16, 2021

Thank you for your show, and thank you for getting directly to the point rather than spending 20 minutes babbling like a lot of hosts do. Excellent info, great show!!

– In Apple Podcasts by Megs890 from USA on November 10, 2021

Keep up the great work and good guests!

– In Apple Podcasts by Jeffersonian Solutions from Japan on October 10, 2021

Great Podcast

“I’m listening to this podcast for a little over two years now and it’s one of the few formats with a wide range of guests and opinions. Highly recommended!”
– In Apple Podcasts by 6cks from Austria on September 29, 2021

Great Podcast

“Excellent podcast interesting interviewing. In-depth analysis you won’t get from MainSt media.”

– In Apple Podcasts by qhonjjhgabskojenbrjr if from USA on September 3, 2021

I listen to only a few shows regularly and this one has made the short list. Thank you for your efforts, so appreciated, especially now!

– In Apple Podcasts by Kensho Homestead from USA on August 24, 2021

Fascinating, Bold and Needed!

Thanks for the invaluable information and insight!

– In Apple Podcasts by Ben jamin 79 from USA on August 5, 2021

As Good As It Gets

“I never miss one of Geopolitics and Empire’s interviews. The guests and moderator are the best—well informed and eloquent, can’t be typed, do no fluff or banter, just track the pulse of subjects in depth. The way journalism should be done”
– In Apple Podcasts by Kathryn in SF from USA on August 1, 2021

Top Notch Geopolitical Analysis (non-MSM)

“High quality interviews with strategists, technocrats, and foresight experts. Consistently brings listeners info/data that only reaches mainstream months later. I Regularly use GPE podcast and telegram channel to forecast events as they unfold. One of the best sources still operating. Keep up the fight!”
– In Apple Podcasts by Travel4truth from Thailand on July 28, 2021
Probably the best podcast for what’s going on in this technocratic communist world we are living in

– In Apple Podcasts by Jarock Obiden from Canada on July 27, 2021

Wonderful  Podcast!

“What a breath of fresh air! This podcast is a much needed voice in today’s weird world, which keeps getting weirder. Get a balanced perspective without the brainwashed agenda. If you’re looking for regurgitated propagandist drivel, then you should pass and go straight to CNN.”

– In Apple Podcasts by TheGoodEarthy from USA on July 27, 2021

Trusted Dialogue on Scholarly Sources

“Delivers a meaningful perspective on world events with minimal bias. Vetted sources by experts.”

– In Apple Podcasts by Caleb Walls from USA on July 16, 2021

Well done for getting the Wuhan “biodefense” lab theory out there early on when others were scared of talking about this smoking gun. These voices need to be heard. Thanks for sticking your neck out in pursuit of honest discussion and debate on world shaping issues.

– In Apple Podcasts by Arl243 from Canada on June 18, 2021

Dr Mark C. Williams

Intriguing perspectives on world geopolitics concentrating on European American and sometimes Asian Pacific issues. One of my go-to podcasts. Fascinating. Many thanks.

– In Apple Podcasts by Dr. Mark C. Williams from Australia on May 17, 2021


I love the show, wish I had more time to catch up. The guest is always left to talk and share wisdom, host is never intrusive. Always very informative. He has just started a Telegram channel that’s easier for me to keep up with. Brilliant- think you!

– In Apple Podcasts by zekezephaniah from Great Britain on May 13, 2021

Outstanding Podcast

“This is an excellent podcast that combines geopolitics, economics and history. The host is well-informed and frequently has high-profile guests. Most importantly, Geopolitics and Empire offers a take on events that parts ways with the mainstream Narrative, making it invaluable. Highly recommended.”
– In Apple Podcasts by Gazoo from USA on May 10, 2021

Great Content

One of my favourite podcasts. Great host and interesting guests. Some great perspectives.

– In Apple Podcasts by oliver roberts 1214 from Australia on May 9, 2021

This show and “this week in geopolitics” are my favorite shows. I think that the reason for all the 1 stars is because it is a unbiased show that dosnt say what the listeners want, it says the truth. Nothing but the truth, and little bit of conspiracy from the both the left and right. But it seems very honest and I hope it to continue, but I can’t support from patreon.

– In Apple Podcasts by owen severne from USA on February 21, 2021

Thoughtful & Intelligent Interviews

“Much needed commentary on today’s world. Highly recommended for in-depth and thoughtful interviews you won’t find elsewhere. The host and guests bring clarity to the many disturbing issues we are all grappling with today. Thank you!!”
– In Apple Podcasts by Squeakykin from USA on February 14, 2021

Stimulating Conversations with Non-Mainstream Voices

“If you like your political presentations safely within the red/blue, left/right lines, well, this is not for you! I appreciate the honesty and breadth of ideas presented in this podcast, and it actually makes a lot of sense–the world is a complicated place, with complicated actors driven by complicated ideals. There’s no question in my mind that the world is getting seriously weirder in the past year or so, and I find that this host and his guests have a pretty interesting, if not compelling, take on what is going on. Recommended.”
– In Apple Podcasts by PDX_Kurt from USA on February 11, 2021

Great to Here Voices Not From the Main Stream

“That 01.27.2021 Legalman interview was breath of fresh air. Maybe one our last breaths, but it sure was a good one!”

– In Apple Podcasts by Eddie SW GA from USA on February 6, 2021

“Geopolitics & Empire is one of my (the) top three sources for global analysis, along with Trends Journal and Global Research. In fact, it is my number one. Always interesting, always insightful, and always refreshing; it is consistently courageous, bold, uncensored and outspoken. I particularly enjoy the diversity of views from across the political spectrum.”

– In Apple Podcasts by jtoddring from Canada on January 4, 2021

Great podcasts with highly informed people from a range of backgrounds; Academics, Military, Authors, Scientists with insight into our world and our existence within it, today!

– In Apple Podcasts by YUM YUM from Czech Republic on December 26, 2020



– In Apple Podcasts by Scott_SF from USA on December 10, 2020

Broad Range of Guests & Perspectives

“This podcast has a broader range of perspective than any other current events podcasts I have heard. When I first came across it, I was taken aback because some of the guests are right-wing, and I’m not. But then I listened, and I have to admit, I learned from them, even the ones with whom I still disagree. I enjoy being challenged to think outside of my usual patterns. Long live free and open debate from every part of the political spectrum. And long live the courage to explore ideas from beyond the corporate bubble. The growing incidences of censorship (YouTube, Facebook, Twitter) shows me one thing: When they can’t win the debate, they BAN the debate. Long live free speech and open debate.”
– In Apple Podcasts by Aquarius 3 from USA on November 21, 2020
G@E is one of the most informative podcast you will find about the real long view of what is going on in today’s world. No sugar coating or fluff, just the real deal from experts who know what’s really going on. Every episode is a must listen.

– In Apple Podcasts by james guz from Canada on October 20, 2020

Best Independent Geopolitical Podcast

“This is the best independent geopolitical podcast I’ve found: Guests provide views outside the dominant western geopolitical perspective. You really feel you understand the guest’s perspective, because the host allows guests to express themselves uninterrupted (instead of framing responses with interruptions) The host obviously does his homework before interviewing, allowing the guest to clarify and go deeper.”
– In Apple Podcasts by chuck1331509 from Canada on October 13, 2020

New Favorite

“Came across this after the Frances Boyle interview, and now I can’t stop listening. A really broad range of perspectives from all quadrants of the political spectrum. Fair discussions and deep topic dives. Each guest offers valuable insight. Love it.”
– In Apple Podcasts by bcomnes from USA on September 20, 2020

This podcast is an important source of critique and and alternative insights. I celebrate their courage and dedication. Let’s help them build our critical thinking.

– In Apple Podcasts by Cuauhtémoc Gutiérrez from Mexico on September 20, 2020

Geopolitical Analysis At Its Finest

“One of my top sources for current events and future geopolitical forecast.”
– In Apple Podcasts by EveAminLight from Canada on September 14, 2020

Very Good!

“I think the host asks excellent questions, ones that I would ask myself. He is polite and does not interrupt his guests. He has done some ground-breaking interviews, such as with Prof. Francis Boyle. It’s great to get different viewpoints from around the world, too. I value it and I subscribed to the newsletter.”
– In Apple Podcasts by Remnant ’08 from USA on September 13, 2020

Great Work

“I’m sitting in a corner of Costa Rica, concerned of what’s happening within my country. New normality has changed everything including politics and the government.
It is almost imposible to understand what is going on within in the country if you don’t get a panoramic or a “bird view” of the big scenario about geopolitics: As one of the experts said in one of the interviews, what’s happening is something bigger than anyone’s capacity to understand it’s magnitude.

This are the most important subjects population needs to now this days.
Thank you for the transparency and great explanations.

Pura vida.”

-In Apple Podcasts by Steve-CR from Costa Rica on June 10, 2020

Love This Podcast

“Almost always presents ideas and people that I am not familiar with. Makes me think. It seems like much of what I read and listen to is recycled… not here. Like the interview style, definitely recommend! Been listening for quite a long while, have learned a lot and been challenged in my thinking.”
-In Apple Podcasts by Won’t Refund & Does Not Work from USA on June 6, 2020

More Accurate Than Any Western Corporate Shill

“People claiming this podcast is “Russian propaganda” are clearly true believers in the post-2016 Russophobic hysteria that the corporate media and national parties have used to distract the masses from their own perfidy and corruption. This podcast has its limits but it’s at least free of the jingoistic ignorance that is the hallmark of most such podcasts available on apples platform.”
-In Apple Podcasts by Hyacinthiusup from USA on January 4, 2020

Great Podcast

“Great Guests with good topics. The host is also great. I like this podcast and can never wait for the next episode. Please continue with your great work.-Greetings from Germany.”
-In Apple Podcasts by Ich bin sinan from Germany on July 9, 2019

Fresh Perspectives, Much Needed

“Yes there’s a wide range of people being interviewed but at least it’s not stuck in some liberal financed back echo chamber. Keep up the good work, people will make their decisions and opinions but at least they’ll be better informed.”
-In Apple Podcasts by PappaJoeP from USA on June 2, 2019

Geopolitics & Empire is Underrated

“I love the diversity of guests on the show, in my opinion Geopolitics and Empire is underrated.”
-In CastBox by Marco C. on May 22, 2019

Best Podcast of its Kind

“Often goes beyond the Overton window of mainstream media/podcasts. It’s rare to find honest inquiry without the typical propaganda, though each guest must be evaluated individually to discern truth from psyop.”
-In Apple Podcasts by Jacob _ from USA on March 18, 2019


“Not too many geo-politic shows have the guts to put Daniel Estulin on the mic! Many different subjects and a pretty wide-range of guests.”
-In Apple Podcasts by thekoven66 from USA on March 1, 2019

Top Notch Show

“As a Geography and Public Policy college student, this podcast has served as an excellent resource for analysis of the most important geopolitical topics in the world today. I especially enjoy the caliber of guests which are featured.”
-In Apple Podcasts by donofrioIpods from USA on February 16, 2019

Excellent Insight into Current Affairs

“I have listened to this show for the past year or so, always brings diverse and expert insight applying the lessons of history and its geopolitical fault lines to the most important matters in our world today.”
-In Apple Podcasts by I. Lewis from UK on January 27, 2019

Master Analysis

An indispensable resource to some of the foremost geopolitical thinkers and analysis of the decline of the United States of America and its global Empire.”
-In Apple Podcasts by stanko23 from Canada on September 25, 2018

An Informational Triumph

I discovered Geopolitics and Empire this year (2018) and have nothing but praise for the quality of the presentations and for the deep understanding this series provides about global affairs and the role of the United States in the world. Reasoned, wide-ranging and highly informative. At least five stars.”
-In Apple Podcasts by truthleftout from USA on April 12, 2018

Great Way to Understand the World from a Non-US Centric Point of View

“This podcast helps you understand events that aren’t covered in mainstream US media. Very interesting topics. Only weakness of the podcast is that the host occasionally brings overzealous speakers who preach the end of America. Other speakers are genuinely intelligent and insightful.”
-In Apple Podcasts by podcastListner2826 from USA on October 17, 2017