Author: Iain Davis

Iain Davis is a freelance writer and investigative journalist from the UK. Iain's work covers a wide range of topics focusing upon the evidence that isn't commonly discussed in the mainstream media. You can read more of his work on his website HERE and on his Substack HERE. Iain's work can also be found on Unlimited Hangout and UK Column.

Silicon Valley Bank recently collapsed largely due to the deliberate actions of the US Federal Reserve bank (the Fed) and the conduct of venture capitalist funds. The Fed and leading investors have seemingly risked destabilising the entire global economy. The question is why? Knowing full well that the US banking sector is bankrupt, instead of continuing with the monetary life support that has kept the system afloat for the last two decades or more, the Fed changed tack and precipitated the collapse of SVB and other similarly exposed banks. In doing so the Fed exposed the truth. The US banking…

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