Author: Terry Wolfe

Terry Wolfe is the author of Fire in the Rabbit Hole and Maybe Everyone Is Wrong: Revelations, Conspiracy, and the Kingdom of Heaven. He is an independent researcher from Canada's prairies, raised as a Mennonite to fear God and study the Word. His viral TikTok videos have been featured on dozens of major platforms and received millions of likes because they explain complex and intimidating topics in an enjoyable and simple way.

I grew up in Manitoba, where brutal, deep-freeze winters drag on for five months and everybody carries on regardless. We don’t do “snow days”, even if the weather becomes so extreme that other parts of the world would call in the military and declare a humanitarian crisis. We just cozy up and wait for our fleets of oversized scrapers to work overtime, clearing school routes and parking lots nonstop. Only if the highways are closed or we’re physically blocked from reaching the end our driveways do we miss a day from work, and even then people look down on you…

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